Hello world, meet Matt.

Yeeeesss, if you’ve talked much with him over the last couple months, you have probably picked up the accent.. and if you’re real lucky you haven’t mentioned college football and heard all about Clemson. See, Matt hails from South Carolina. The office anxiety runs thick during football season, with a couple Aggies around and all. But don’t let our joking around make you think we’re not grateful Matt has joined us.

Matt is as humble as his accent is thick. He prides himself on constantly learning, and performing every possible task with great attention to detail. He is a hard worker, one of those guys you can depend on day to day to be first in his seat.

Matt spent eleven years working in the ranks of BMW, gaining valuable experience in inventory/supply chain, logistics, and maximizing cost efficiencies. After that Matt got his feet wet in construction with a major utility contractor in south central Texas.

Matt brings a wealth of knowledge in estimating, field ops, and project management. Matt’s primary purpose at Grit is to perform the majority of general contracting estimating services, focusing in commercial buildings. In a secondary role, Matt assists the entire team as purchasing extraordinaire, which is a major asset with the large but growing self perform capabilities of Grit.

So stop on in sometime! Make sure you knock on Matt’s door and give him a big ‘ol ‘Gig ’em!’